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Tools (Advanced) for homemade probiotics
Ingredients (Basic) for homemade probiotics

We think of LACTO as our baby. Bacteria in LACTO is alive and they can feel, eat, grow and also talk in different languages, because bacteria can communicate to each other. They live with us and support us. We should observe them well and take good care of them, as if it was our baby or the family pet. If we take good care of them, they will grow energetically! But don't forget to select and check the ingredients and tools before you start to make LACTO!

RECIPE - Basic Culture 

We always use same 4 ingredients.
For 1.5 L of LACTO: 
Organic Brown Rice 200g, Organic Sea Salt 15g,
Organic Brown Sugar 45g, Mineral Water 1500ml.

We use 4 tools for the Basic Culture. 
Scale or Messuring Spoon, Bowl, Funnel, Plastic Bottle.
If you have a strainer, you can use it as well.

Put 200g of rice in a bowl, pour water over the rice, then wash it scratching and rubbing its sarface many times until the water becomes whitish. Don't throw this water away.

We select good ingredients and cleen tools.
Check the rice and take out the warm-eaten rice.

Wash and Scratch Rice
2. Wash and Scratch
1. Select
Select Ingredients for Basic Culture
4. Release Gas and Shake
Basic Culture -Release gas and shake

When the bottle is full, shake the bottle well (*1). This is the end of the process for day 1 of LACTO fermentation.
From 2nd day, r
elease the gas and shake well 2-3 times per day until the fermentation process is done. Keep the bottle standing under the shade at 20-30 degrees C. 

Pour rinsed water into the bottle, add salt and sugar. 
Continue the process of steps 2 & 3 until you fill up the bottle.

3. Mix and Fill-up
Basic Culture - Mix

We can check the smell and taste of LACTO from 3rd or 4th day, and we can feel it getting more sour. After the 5th day, LACTO should be sparkling, should have less color and a sour taste. 

Basic Culture - Finished
5. Check!
Basic Culture - Check

We can preserve LACTO standing, in a cool place, under the shade, or in the fridge. 
Only in case you drink LACTO as probiotics, we recommend you to drink it fresh and in normal/body temperature.

Basic Culture - Preserve

When you feel a very sour taste around the 7th day, LACTO is ready to use! This means that Acid by LAB has been produced. You can also check the acid level with a pH paper strip. WHen pH level is less than 3.6, LACTO is ready! If the temperature is lower than 20 degree C, the process might take from 10-14 days to be ready.

*1. Yeast in LACTO can create a small % of alcohol (less than 1.5%) depending on how you make it. If you drink LACTO with children or you don't like the smell of alcohol, make sure to put only 3% of sugar at the beginning of the process and release the gas and shake well often during fermentation.

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