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2. Organic ingredients
1. Self Responsibility

LACTO-LIFE is based on the rules of self-responsibility same as aromatherapy. In everything we start we will always find risks and benefits and risk from our actions. We should understand both sides and find the best way to find only benefits. 

We use only organic or wild ingredients. The bacteria from artificial ingredients are useless for LACTO fermentation or harmful for bacteria on our body. You may be able to make LACTO from non-organic ingredients, but we can't guarantee the safetiness and quality of it. 

The temperature is the key condition for LACTO fermentation. It needs to be 20-30 degrees C. If the average of temperature is lower than 15 degrees C, we need to start LACTO culture with warm water or warm up LACTO bottle everyday same as our baby. Take a bath together, sleep together (only 1st & 2nd night) and warm up with heating system. LAB is very happy with our body temperature!! 

LACTO is alive. Take care of it and observe it well, as if it was your baby. In the process of making LACTO we can solve or understand some mistakes, from our experience with bacteria. All LACTO have different characters and show us different amounts of gas, color, smell and taste same as all life in nature.

4. Temperature
3. Baby Care



There are some rules and tips to prepare a safe LACTO culture and use it properly.

These rules and tips will help you to understand the features of LACTO, and also make and use LACTO without any mistake! 

Scratching the surface of brown rice is the key process of LACTO fermentation, that will allow us to extract the bacteria and nutrients from the rice. If you can scratch it well, the color of LACTO on the 1st day of the process should be whitesh brown. 

The process of LACTO can be finished when a big amount of Lactic Acid has been produced showing a pH level lower than pH 3.6. The Lactic Acid is the powerful protection for other beneficial bacteria and our body as well. 

5. Scratching
6. Acidity

The tolerance to acidity is different depending on life or the part of our body. Even LACTO is good for us, we always need to think the balance with the amount of LACTO. We dilute LACTO into lower % depending on applications. 

The spray bottle is one of the best tools to use LACTO in many applicatons. It's not only useful but also effective to use LACTO in mist! Highly reccommended when you start LACTO-LIFE.

We can adjust and arrange the way to use LACTO. The amount of LACTO to drink, the frequency to use it should be different depending on each person. We can start with a small amount on our pace or try with allergic patch-test first if you are too sensitive.

The bacterial world and their features are very interesting and beneficial for us. The technologies and wisdoms about LACTO have been developing day by day. 

8. Spray Bottle
7. Dilution
10. Learn More 
9. Self-Standard

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