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We can start LACTO-LIFE  by easily making LACTO with the BASIC or ADVANCED cultures. Here you can find the free LACTO-LIFE MANUAL with these two recipes! We start LACTO culture with fresh bacteria from plants or from our environment. To start the culture with wild bacteria is our future of fermentation.

LACTO-LIFE, LACTO cream & powder
LACTO Cream and Powder
LACTO-LIFE Continuous Culture
Continuous Culture
  "3 - 3 - 3 - 5"

We can reduce ingredients, steps and also save our time, with a much easier way to make LACTO. We will only need 3 ingredients, and 3 tools, in 3 steps for 5 days.

After we finished culture(Keep 50-100ml of LACTO left in the bottle), we can reuse the rice left in the bottle to start the LACTO culture process again. We reuse same rice and just add same amount of salt, sugar and water to the bottle. LACTO will be ready in 5 days (if temperature conditions are adequate). The amount of nutrients and the power of bacteria will be less and less every culture, so just continue this culture only 3 - 4 times. 
We can cook the fermented rice or use it to make LACTO Cream or Powder after the continuous culture has finished!

We can make the best homemade skincare cream and powder with the leftover of LACTO's advanced culture! We can use this cream for skincare, wound treatment, insect bites, cleansing, etc.
The cream and powder stay on the skin or some subjects longer and works longer on it. They are very useful LACTO items and bring us more variety of applications in our life!

We can use other grains to make a LACTO culture. We are developing new cultures with new ingredients to find more beneficial or useful solutions. The main grains to use for the culture, can be different depending on where we make LACTO. This idea gives more opportunity for more people to find the ingredients of LACTO in their own country!

LACTO can be enriched by increasing the amount of bacteria with different ingredients and different recipes. Depending on the condition for bacteria, you can make bacteria density 10 times, 100 times or even 1000 times more! It becomes very strong and powerful homemade probiotic!

Multiplied Culture
LACTO-LIFE Multiplied Culture
LACTO-LIFE Enriched Culture
Enriched Culture

We can use fruits, herbs and vegetables in LACTO process to mix the different bacteria and nutients. We can add the aroma, flavor, color and also benefits from these ingredients. The process of this culture is complicated and requires special skills and experience. 

We can multiply LACTO into double or triple in 3-4 days continuously without loosing power and nutrients. It can be used for outstanding techniques and secret recipes!! 

Other Grain Culture
LACTO-LIFE Other Grains Culture
Mixed Culture
LACTO-LIFE Mixed Culture

We can make LACTO in a faster way with the Advanced Culture Recipe. We need 4 ingredients and only 3 tools. We will be making LACTO in 4 steps for 5 days. Everybody can follow this easy recipe! Easier, quicker and a cheaper recipe!


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We can easily make LACTO with the Basic Culture Recipe. We just need 4 ingredients and 4 tools, and make Lacto on 5 steps in 7 days!! The original LACTO recipe is created with rice rinsed water which we normally throw away! No more waste! 

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LACTO-LIFE Advanced Culture
Advanced Culture
   "4 - 3 - 4 - 5"
LACTO-LIFE Basic Culture
Basic Culture
 "4 - 4 - 5 - 7"

Special Cultures

We have been developing these special cultures and techniques, and will introduce these information soon!

There are many ways to prepare a LACTO culture. We can see the variety of LACTO cultures, recipes and techniques below.  We can learn more of these cultures and techniques from LACTO-LIFE Support Tools and Workshops!

How can we make LACTO? !

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