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2. WE are BACTERIA. 
1. Bacteria is EVERYWHERE
     on this planet.

Land, sea and sky, plants and animals including humans, we are all covered by bacteria. Scientists have even found bacteria from volcanos, the deep ocean and the stratosphere (*1). We all live with bacteria on this planet, and Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) can also be found everywhere! Bacteria is the foundation of our ecosystem!

The amount of our body cells is more or less 60 trillion. And we have about 10-100 times of bacteria on our body (depending on our intestinal flora)! And the weight of bacteria on our body is around 1-2Kg! We are the super-organisms of bacteria!!

The wild and botanical Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) has survived in severe natural environments and they have evolved with a more powerful protection compared with LAB produced from an animal source. This feature will allow us to utilize LACTO for many external and environmental friendly applications. 

Brown rice is one of the most beneficial and nutritional botanical seeds. Therefore, rice became the energy source of Asia and the majority of human population on this planet! 

In LACTO we can find a great harmony of nutrients and bacteria produced from brown rice!

     very STRONG!!
3. Brown Rice is
     the BEST ingredient. 

Why can we use LACTO in many ways?!

The ideas and technologies of bacteria in industries and in public uses have been developed by traditional cultures and investigations by scientists. Bacteria is used in agriculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, water treatment & recycling, food industry, garbage treatment and public hygiene, etc. LAB is one of the most popular and benefitial bacteria!

Bacteria is present in traditional fermented foods, such as yoghurt, cheese, bread, pickles, sake, miso, soy sauce, etc. 
We can find so many different types of fermented food and drinks in the world that we have been consuming without noticing all of their benefits.
LAB is one of the most famous bacteria found in fermented food!

6. We use bacteria
     with SCIENCE. 
5. We have been eating bacteria  

LACTO is made from organic ingredients. The bacteria from these organic ingredients are safe and clinically proven by traditional fermented foods. Another way to know it is safe, is when LACTO is dominated by LAB and the acid level or pH becomes lower than 3.6. It becomes very sour! No harmful bacteria and pathogens can survive in this acid environment. 

The harmful substance ABA (Abscisic Acid) in brown rice is also broken down into harmless matter through Lactic fermentation.

To produce LACTO is very cheap! It is more or less $US1, depending on the region where you are living. 

The process of LACTO is very simple and easy for everybody to make. We just need 4 ingredients, 3 tools, 4 steps and it will be ready in just 5 days! Everybody can start to make LACTO!

LACTO can be used for the family, community, business and even to preserve the global environment. It doesn't only improve our health but also bring us more production, value and profit. The potential of LACTO can be infinite through the autonomy and creativity of individuals!!!

LACTO creates harmony between bacteria and nutrients. LAB conducts the orchestra of other bacteria with a well-balanced nutritional music in LACTO bottle. This harmony brings us the diversity of effects and benefits in LACTO applications. 

     and EASY to make.
10. Potential of LACTO
       is INFINITE!


*1. The bacteria found in the stratosphere can be used as a future energy source!   Check this article!

Bacteria is invisible, and so the world of bacteria is unkown and undeveloped. Even scientists say they know less than 1% about the bacterial world. Here we describe the fundamental information, and how helpful bacteria can be. Let's  understand a little bit more of this invisible world and some features of LACTO.

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