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LACTO Health Care & Diet

​​In LACTO-LIFE we think about our health holistically. We focus on 3 main subjects: a healthy diet, excercise and lifestyle. We introduce how to improve and develop your health with LACTO-LIFE. We will also introduce some special techniques and our own experience with LACTO-LIFE, that helped us to improve our intestinal flora powerfully by "LACTO FASTING" and "LACTO ENEMA".

We consider the following 9 nutrients upside down, and value the bacteria above any nutrients. We are not created by what we eat, we are created by what we digest.

Bacteria is the priority in LACTO-LIFE! 

1.Protein 2.Lipid 3.Carbohydrate 4.Vitamin 5.Mineral

6.Fiber 7.Phytochemical 8.Enzyme 9.Bacteria

LACTO Processing

We can process many ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and herbs through LACTO fermentation. To create our own fermented and super foods or condiments is very easy and a lot of fun. Fresh and homemade LACTO food is more nutritional, tasty and safe. We are developing an easy-safe process and various recipes for LACTO processing!

Recipes: Gluten free yoghurt, Nuts cheese, Raw yeast bread, Pickles, Extra Virgin oil,

Fruits enzyme syrup, Dried fruits, Vinegar, Alcohol etc. 


LACTO Business

Fermentation is like alchemy! LACTO can bring us more production, add-value and reduce a lot of cost in your business. You can improve the cleaness/hygiene and reduce the bacterial problems in your installations. LACTO can help to expand the life of ingredient and improve the taste of a dish. With all of these extra values you can have more and happier customers, with the services you offer. This eco-friendly system, solution or LACTO ideas can be installed in any type of business.


LACTO Environment Care

​​The bacterial harmony can also revive the ecosystem. We can take care of plants and animals with LACTO. We can even use LACTO for organic agriculture, environmental purification and preservation. Our natural environment including humans, is conected with bacteria, we can find LAB in a field, forest, sky and sea. Agriculture, livestock and fish farming with lactic acid bacteria is becoming more popular to start non-chemical and organic businesses.  

LACTO Public Use

We can easily make large amounts of LACTO for public use and utilize it for hygiene, education and reviving ecosystems.
You can use LACTO to clean religious facilities such as temples, churches, synagogues or mosques. It is also possible to clean schools and use LACTO-LIFE as an education tool for the kids to learn how to take care of the environment. 
LACTO can also be used for recycling of water and garbage, solving bad smell problems.


We have been developing more useful and practical LACTO applications with our experiment,

and we will introduce these ideas in digital media soon! Check our website for new information!

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LACTO Cooking

We have basically four ways to use LACTO for cooking:
1. Improve the quality of ingredients and food. We use LACTO as a bio-cleaner and bio-preservative.

2. Add or improve the taste and aroma. We use LACTO as vinegar to add a sour flavor and remove bad smell. We can also make cured or marinated food with LACTO.

3. Make fermented food. We use LACTO as a starter for fermentation processes, and it also creates UMAMI (taste enhancer).
4. To make special and nutritional food such as aphrodisiac dishes and sweets.

We have so many fermented foods & drinks in the world, these recipes and methods have been developing for thousands and hundreds of years. We have learned from our ancestors methods and recipes to experiment and develop our own recipes.  

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