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We can make fruits vinegar with LACTO. .

Kouji (Aspergillus) a popular bacteria to produce citric acid, and one of the beneficial bacteria for human, that we have been using in Asia for centuries to make fermented foods and Sake.

It is difficult to collect only harmless Aspergillus from nature to make food. But it's one of the best bacteria to make high quality compost or homemade BOKASHI fertilizer. 

Kombucha is one of the most popular probiotics. It contains mainly Gluconacetobacter xylinus and yeast. We can improve and support the fermentation of Kombucha with LACTO. We normally need fresh bacteria (G. xylinus) from the store or by getting a Kombucha scoby from someone who grows it. 

We can make fruits vinegar with LACTO. .

We normally extract yeast from fruits. We can make Raw Yeast from LACTO to bake bread!  We can also make a type of alcohol similar to a fruits cider, using its same process. We just need to adjust the condition for the bacteria to grow.

We can extract and culture a similar combination of bacteria from plants' leaves, buds and flowers through fermentation process. We can use wild or organic plants such as mugwort, Siso (perilla frutescens crispa), dokudami (houttuynia cordata), spinach etc. We can find different combinations and features of bacteria depending on these plants.

There are more beneficial, useful and harmless bacteria we can utilize in our life. The following fermented products have a different combination of bacteria and nutrients, and require a different condition to grow, if we understand their features and characters, and find the way to bring their benefits to our life in a Systematic Culture Method.  We only use wild bacteria from organic ingredients or from our environment for all of our cultures. LACTO can support the following fermentation processes using Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) as a main or subsidiary ingredient.



Fruits Vinegar
Kouji Bacteria (Mold)
Phototrophic Bacteria
Raw Yeast
LAB and Yeast from Fruits and Vegetables

The germinated seeds and sprouts are becoming very popular as super foods. We can make them by ourselves with the same or similar ingredients that we use for LACTO. They have different kinds of nutrients and energy from the sun after they started to germinate. We can enjoy to grow them in different ways and also utilize the things from the process of germination to make LACTO as well.

More experiments and experience!
Germinated Seeds and Sprouts

Phototrophic bacteria became very popular in agriculture and because it has detoxification properties against radiation. This bacteria is very easy to collect from a natural environment. We can use this for agriculture or to preserve animal's health. 

Acetic Acid Bacteria (Acetobacter Aseti) is a popular bacteria to produce acetic acid same as Kombucha. But on this culture we use fresh fruits and juice mixed with LACTO to make fruits vinegar. It takes 2-3 years to make good quality fruit vinegar.

We are making more experiments and we will introduce these other fermentation processes and techniques in the future. 

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