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We have so many ways to use LACTO for different purposes. In LACTO-LIFE, there are more than 30 kinds of Applications separated in "Health & Body Care" and "Environment Care". You can see all 30 applications below, in the sample photos. Each application has different effects, you can see more detailed instructions and dilutions to use LACTO in LACTO-LIFE MANUAL(Check this page "Get Started Free").  

There are 20 LACTO Applications to improve or preserve your health and also to take care of your body. LACTO is a natural, ecological an useful solution.  If you are too sensitive or not confident enough to drink LACTO, you can start with a very small amount or make an allergic patch-test first and try little by little. We highly recommend to use LACTO continuously and holistically to get a wider effect from different applications too. 

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There are 10 LACTO Applications to improve our environment and take care of animals and plants. We can see the effect and benefits of LACTO if we use it properly and if we follow the instructions and dillution rates.

If you are skeptical about the effects of LACTO or if you worry about the safeness of bacteria, you may start environmental applications first, such as skincare or environmental deodorization, where you can easily see the effect of LACTO. After you see the positive outcome you can try with other applications.

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LACTO 30 Applications

As you see here, we can use LACTO for many applications depending on the purpose. All applications have different instructions and dillutions, you should check the amounts before use. The tolerance of acidity will depend on where you use LACTO, for example for the plants or for different parts of the body. Check more detail instructions in our free Manual here, "Get Started Free".  
We have been developing more LACTO features called "special applications".  You can find more about these advanced and useful applications on the next page. 

How can we use LACTO? !


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