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We have been providing healthy, natural, ecological products and services for locals and tourists since 2004 in Koh Tao, Thailand. You may recognize us from these following products, services and activities below.

You can find Koh Tao (Turtle Island) in the Gulf of Thailand, but not on exact our location due to the remote island. Ask us the detail access if you visit us.

LACTO is a very useful and effective discovery that everybody can use to improve the quality of their life. We are more than happy to share this idea with you, because LACTO-LIFE can help us all to be healthy and happy. It would be a great pleasure if you would like to join us and share the LACTO-LIFEstyle around the world!



WE can create more choices and opportunities on our life and by ourselves!

We normally live our lifes consuming products and services, and working for money to continue this cycle. Once we start to use LACTO, we can easily recognize that we can make so many useful and essential things for our life all by ourselves. Even if we still keep on living in a consuming and working cycle, we can become more creative and autonomous with LACTO and its applications. LACTO gives us the chance to explore independece by making more than 30 kinds of alternative items or products instead of only using the system. Our lifestyle can be innovated through LACTO-LIFE creating our own choices and opportunities.



To see, to feel and to know about invisible bacterial world opens our awareness!

LACTO-LIFE will not only improve our physical and mental condition, but also let us find different perspectives, values and awareness to see our life in connection with the bacterial world. The bacterial world is the foundation of our ecosystem, a fact that we normally ignore, not being aware that there is a deep and wide unknown world around and inside us. A world we can learn so much from, a world that shows us how important and how powerful is the harmony of nature. LACTO always shows us the way to evolution and to live in symbiosis harmoniously.



The paradigm-shift through LACTO-LIFE. 
We can thrive on this planet!

Only in the human social system, money has such an important place and big value, sometimes even our own life. Only humans think we can not survive without the money system, even it is just a tool we use to exchange paper or nowadays also digital numbers. Why we have to survive in this human system ignoring the ecosystem? Is this the only way we can live? Why we cannot thrive on this planet? 


The experience with LACTO-LIFE has let us recognize that we can design our lifestyle with creativeness, and that we can improve our physical and mental conditions without, or by being less dependant on the monetary system. Do we still need to totally depend on this system of survival, even it's already or almost collapsed?

It's obvious that it is impossible to change this system with "scrap and build" by any kind of organization. We think it's possible to have a new start over the foundations of collective consciousness from awaken individuals who can recognize the hidden potentials of bacteria and humans. LACTO-LIFE is designed and methodized as wisdom for everyone to use and to learn easily and individually, The idea is very easy to share and difficult to hide for corporations and vested rights. It's big different from buried useful technologies and science such as free-energy. This idea can be one of the great tools to thrive on this planet together. LACTO-LIFE can be the practice for an invisible evolution.


Our experiences and experiments with LACTO-LIFE gave us the opportunity to clearly imagine the universe in a small LACTO bottle. It wasn't difficult for us to believe the infinite potential and connection between humans and bacteria, and we are fascinated with this idea. Even if we cannot make a big difference now with only one idea, it brings more independence and creativity to individuals and can lead to other types of wisdom. We simply hope to share this amazing idea and experience with you. 


LACTO-Life is an idea integrated from different backgrounds such as bacterial scientific research, industrial uses, traditional fermentation cultures and also our experiments. Thanks to our ancestors, scientists, masters and many many people who passed these ideas and wisdom, LACTO-LIFE could be developed and shared here on this website, for all of us to thrive on this planet!


You can send message or questions about our business from this contact form. If you have any questions about production or application in LACTO-LIFE, please contact us on facebook(below). 

LACTO-LIFE founder   Takashi Hirasawa

       Night Garden Bath              

Eco-Tourism Publishing

      Sabaijai Mini Magazine                          Sabaijai Map

Eco-tourism Exhibition - Koh Tao Festival 

Island Photography Contest               Probiotis & Permaculture






               88/1 Sukhumvit Soi 21, 

               Klong Toei Nuea, Wattana,
               Bangkok, Thailand 


Tel: +66-(0)84-837-3385



Company: Sabaijai Production Co., Ltd.

Since 11th March 2011, we had decided to concentrate on something directly connected with LIFE, and finally we could start "LACTO-LIFE" here. We deeply appreciate everyone who has been supporting us till now.
 Probiotics & Hammock Cafe

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Healthy & Tasty Sweets
            Tofu Pudding 
Photography on Koh Tao  Click for a bigger picture!



              25/40 Moo2 Koh Tao 

              Suratthani THAILAND 84360 


Tel: +66-(0)84-837-3385



Company: Sabaijai Production Co., Ltd.

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