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eBook / Publishing

An eBook containing everything you need to know about LACTO-LIFE. The contents will include more LACTO facts, photos, detailed information including special cultures and applications. 

 launch this around Sep 2014 

Online Workshops

This is our future project. You will be able to actually see the details to understand LACTO-LIFE cultures and applications, and learn step by step on your pace at home!



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Mobile Application

You can check basic information of LACTO-LIFE in your mobile phone. It contains all the steps and detailed instructions about the LACTO culture, applications, tips and special techniques. You can learn easily and in on your own pace. Launching in September 2014!

Mobile Workshop

We organize LACTO-LIFE workshop in Koh Tao, Thailand and planning to organize it in different places as "mobile workshop", hopefully in different countries!!
Send us message, if you're interested!


Suport Tools

Here you can learn about the projects that we are developing. We will offer you useful support tools, and face to face and online workshops. All the updated information coming soon!

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